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The 2019 FoilScience Carbon Foil "master" kit FS116/ FS800/ FS160 wings

Mast choice

The 2019 the FoilScience "all inclusive" foil kit. This kit includes the complete FS116 foil. The FS116 is all carbon, resulting in a lighter and stiffer foil. The modular design is interchangeable with everyone of our products. This modular design allows the ability to optimize performance for any conditions. Three wings and two masts lengths are available. This foil can be easily configured for wake, kite, down winding or waves. Masts are available in two lengths with either a tuttle or pedestal mount.

This kit comes with the complete solid carbon FS116 foil with the 62 cm mast with your choice of either a tuttle or pedestal mount. This kit will include all three wings, the FS80, FS116, FS160 wing as well as both small and large tail wings. FS80 wing (800 sq. cm 22" span) The FS116 wing (1160 sq. cm 25.5" span") & FS160 (1600 sq. cm 33.5" span) this includes the small tail wing & larger tail wing for the FS160 wing. This is a plug and play foil set. With this kit you will be able to tune your foil for any conditions or activities that you are engaged in. Includes the FS foil & mast cover. 








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