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Custom foil Sup with Stay Covered Traction Pad

This SUP board is a performance sup designed to catch waves early and be stable for all paddlers. It paddles very well and provides a nice stable platform to take off from. The volume of this board is distributed to keep the board feeling balanced while flying and yet being able to stand in the foot straps while paddling into a wave with stalling the board to much.

The rocker profile is built around the foil making it as user friendly for both paddling and saving the “Plunge” from a foil allowing you to continue your ride.

This board is great for a wide range of paddlers from just getting into Stand up paddling to paddlers who just like the extra foam.

Please know that this price doesn't include color. The board is white.  You can choose from either grey or yellow deck pad colors. If you want color it is $80.00 per side. Please be advised, as you requested the deck pad will cover 90% of the top surface. You can discuss color options with Chuck at a later date if desired.

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