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How hard is it to foil? Can the average person do it?

Yes, anyone can learn to foil! You do not need to be Kai Lenny to master the art of foiling. Each person will have their own learning curve and progress at different rates. If you can ride a skateboard or have average balance you can learn to foil. We suggest that you expedite your learning curve by tracking down a boat or a jet ski and spending an hour or so getting towed. This will fast track your progress and expedite you getting up and flying. You can also take advantage of one of the foil clinics that we host throughout the year. If you don’t see one near you, please reach out and we will connect you with the proper resources.

Is foiling just like surfing?

Foiling does share some similarities with surfing. The balance and timing are quite similar. Foiling is less about articulation; it is more similar to long boarding. It has the flow and float of a snowboard in deep fresh powder. Unlike surfing, foiling is much more about using the front foot to control the attitude of the foil. Think of the foil as a spring loaded gas pedal- it always wants to rise back up. Pushing down on the front foot controls your mast height and speed. Long story short, if you can surf you are likely to be a natural on the foil. That being said, several of the people that have excelled in our foil clinics came to us with no prior surfing background.

How do I get started?

You will need a foil and a surfboard or paddleboard with either a “Tuttle” mount or a “Pedestal” mounting system. We have heard great things about theadhesive mounting system, however we suggest using Tuttle or Pedestal mounts. You can retrofit any of these systems to an old surfboard or SUP to minimize your initial investment and expedite your entry to the sport. A helmet and a personal floatation device is highly recommended. Access to a jet ski, boat or enrolling in a foil clinic will start you off safely with the proper skill set and expedite the learning process.

Where should I take my foil?

Anywhere other than a crowd. If there are other surfers in the water, seek a new space, especially if you’re just beginning. We suggest investing in the opportunity to foil behind a boat or jet ski. This will save you a lot of time in the water. Once you are ready to get in the water, we suggest locating an ideal spot with no one else around. This will allow you to master your foiling skills without putting others at risk. It is also important to know that foiling excels in completely different conditions than surfing. The ideal foiling conditions are some, if not the poorest, of surf conditions. An ideal condition to learn to foil would be a slow, fat wave that barely breaks. Most could easily fly on a wave that is 1-2 feet. Our foils will fly as low as 7 miles per hour. You don’t need much energy to get up and spread your wings.

assortment specializing in Windsurf, Wakesurf, Kiting, Surfing, SUPing and even open water Downwinding. Start with a foil and add extras to tailor your foil for any and all of these activities. We are proud of the fact that once you purchase one of our foils you will never grow out of it!

Why don’t you paint your foils?

We use the highest quality materials and are obsessed with perfection. We are proud of the design and have nothing to hide. Besides, if carbon could speak it would be proud to be the backbone to our foils.

Do your foils Whistle or make any noise in the water?

No. Whistling and humming from a foil is a audible sign of parasitic drag. Have you ever been on a plane or in a race car that whistles? Simply stated, parasitic drag slows you down and annoys the user. Neither of these are acceptable to us.

Can I retrofit an old board or SUP or should I get a foil specific board?

Yes, you can retrofit a surfboard or paddleboard to get you up and flying. Most people use this approach until their skill levels advance. Eventually you’ll want to upgrade your gear. Once you start gaining experience you will be able to further your skills with a board that is specifically designed for foiling and flight. Traditional boards are designed to be in contact with the water. The shape dictates how the board will perform. Foil- specific boards are designed to maximize performance once you are up and flying with the board above the water. Because they’re designed for flying, it’s best to use a foil board once you master basic knowledge of flying. Foil boards have a different and shorter volume profile, while still offering the buoyancy needed to catch waves.They typically have a nose that allows you to stay in control if you come down unexpectedly from the foil. Foil boards have a different rocker line than a surfboard or SUP. Most importantly the foil boards are built to work in unity with the foil and maximize the foiling experience. So, as you advance your skill set, you’ll want to get a board specifically for foil use.

Should I start with a surfboard or a stand up paddle board?

Learning on a paddleboard has several advantages over a surfboard. With a paddleboard, you are already standing with your feet in the proper foiling position. The rear foot over the mast and the front foot about a shoulders width from the rear foot. The paddle also allows the ability to generate the speed you need. Foot straps can be used to push and pull the board. In contrast, with a surfboard, you have to be deeper in the wave to be able to catch flight. A surfboard can be more lively once you are up and flying. To be successful you need the combination of catching the wave and nailing your foot placement. Simply stated, they are very different but they both have a place in the foiling world.

What size foil should I purchase?

We suggest starting with our medium sized foil (FS116). This foil will perform in even the smallest wave conditions. One of the many advantages of the FoilScience products is the modularity of the products. You can start off with the basics and add additional gear as your skills and demands start to progress. We will be releasing our larger and smaller wings in the immediate future.

What makes your foils work so well?

  1. Math... lots of math and the 16+ years of collective foiling experience between the four team members.
  2. Attention to detail.
  3. The absolute highest quality of materials and construction.

Our wings are raw carbon. You can’t hide defects in carbon. We like the compliment that one customer stated: “Your products looks like something that came off the back of an Italian race car.”

We attribute a large part of the top notch performance to the fact that we run Computational Fluid Dynamics, (CFD) on our foil. “CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the calculations required to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces defined by boundary conditions.” This is the same software that America’s Cup Sailboats use to achieve speeds four times faster than the wind.

Should I get a “Tuttle” mount or a “Pedestal” mount?

We believe that each of these two mounting solutions have their advantages. We feel that the “Tuttle”mount is slightly stronger than the plate or “Pedestal” mount, however it requires a board of a certain thickness and is not as easy to install and remove as the plate mount. The plate mount also allows the user the ability to slide the foil forward and backwards on the board. This will change the way that the foil rides and handles in different conditions. We offer both options on our foils and boards.

How long has the FoilScience team been into foiling?

The team has collectively 16+ years of foiling experience between the four team members. Even though most people saw foiling only a few years ago when Kai posted the infamous video, a lot has changed in the last few years and we have been front and center in the sport’s evolution.

Is your foil modular? Do you offer different wings and masts?

Yes, Yes and Yes. Modularity is one of the most important parts of our system. Conditions change and no two users are exactly the same so we demand a product that is completely interchangeable with our entire product line. We offer a wide product assortment specializing in Windsurf, Wakesurf, Kiting, Surfing, SUPing and even open water Downwinding. Start with a foil and add extras to tailor your foil for any and all of these activities.We are proud of the fact that once you purchase one of our foils you will never outgrow it. 



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