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Where to ride your foil?

May 01, 2018

One of the more frequent questions we hear is “How do I get into foiling and where should I foil?” Under no circumstances should you take the foil into a crowded surf. You will make no friends and you’re putting others at risk. Foiling requires a completely different wave and your first goal is to learn how to locate the perfect location to foil.

Foiling is hands down one of the most exciting sports that we have ever tried. We’ve had more fun on waves that are not even surfable than on really good days on a traditional surfboard. One of the most amazing benefits of foiling is how it compliments traditional surfing. The best wave for learning to foil is a wave that might not even be powerful enough to ride on a traditional surfboard. We love to say that an ideal wave that you may want to foil is a terrible wave to surf. The very nature of a hydrofoil is the ability to harness the energy out of a swell even before it turns into an actual wave. Foiling opens up a wealth of locations and opportunities that very few others are taking advantage of.

We suggest finding a slower, fatter wave- a wave that rolls and rarely breaks. High incoming tide and slow rolling waves are a foiler’s dream come true. When starting, you should look for a location where there is absolutely no one else around. This will keep you and others safe as you start to get your wings as well as save you from looking like a fool.

It’s very important to know that you don’t need much of a push to get up and flying. The smaller the swell, the easier it will be to gain your confidence and learn to fly safely. Be sure to look for somewhere that has deep water and no submerged hazards that could hinder your ability to foil safely. We look for locations that have a deep water channel with a rolling shoulder. A one or two foot rolling wave will offer more than enough energy to get even a larger person up and flying. Think of all the times you made it down to the beach only to discover small, mushy, crumbly waves. These are perfect waves for foiling!

Spend some time and hone your ability and confidence before moving on to more challenging conditions. Remember have fun, be safe and build your skills slowly. We like to say, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”

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